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    • Do your feet talk to you?
    • Jane Sheehan, UK's leading foot reader
    • An insight into the secrets that your feet reveal about your emotions and personality.
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    • Shared Table
    • Come along, bring a dish if you like. Or just share the company and ENJOY
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    • An insight into Genealogy
    • A journey into genetic geneology and what this has uncovered
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    • Scrabble
    • A Talk by Mark Nyman
    • Mark - First, and only, British World Scrabble Champion until 2014, and producer of COUNTDOWN for 10 years, has kindly agreed to talk of his experiences and bring boards. You will be able to play.
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    • Restoring the balance - Mindful compassion
    • A talk by Ann Burgoyne
    • An introduction to how we can use Mindful Compassion skills in our everyday lives.
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    • Fatigue
    • A talk by Marie Leddy, Occupational therapist in Palliative Care at East Cheshire Hospice.
    • Cancer related fatigue - find out more about the causes, impact on daily life, how to manage energy and what can help.
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    • Colour - What makes me feel good?
    • Guided by Helen Garth
    • We wear 20% of our wardrobe. Nice to change that to 80%!!
    • A fun and informative session, when you also join in, highlighting the uplifting effect of wearing the right colours for you.
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    • HEARTS Process
    • Guided by Ann Carter - Co-author of the HEARTS process
    • HEARTS: Hands on - Empathy - Aromas - Relaxation - Textures - Sound.
    • Anxiety, which is also grief, will ease away with a soothing touch.
    • A therapy we can all do to demonstrate care through touch.
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