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    • Feel content....Feel calm....
    • Guided by Sulema and Jo from Liz Earle at John Lewis
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    • Beyond the Golden Triangle 15 days with ‘Traveleyes’
    • With Judy Large in the Meeting Room
    • Poster
    • A Talk on Breathlessness
    • By Dr. Peter Makereth
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    • Volunteering Talk
    • Guided by Suzy Keen
    • Membership Services Manager
    • CVS Cheshire East
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Christmas Coffee Morning 2017

Your support is very gratefully acknowledged and we are very pleased to let you know that the Christmas Raffle raised a total of £260.00. £160.00 from this sum to the East Cheshire Hospice – Sunflower Centre. The morning was well attended by our clients and a great success. Perhaps a bit quieter than last year due to the freezing weather conditions, yet a joy to hear the fun and laughter, which is a very helpful distraction from the challenges that are being faced.

We would be very happy to repeat any of these events if we have sufficient requests to do so.

You could log your interest by telephoning the Centre on 07981 899526